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Spring Encore event
The Spring Encore event will be hosted by New Holstein High school, on April 24. The event will include collaboration between the Fine and Visual Arts, Music, Agriculture, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Ed and Marketing departments of the school. 

The spring event will be a showcase of the non- core classes to the students and the community. It will provide information on the areas and the importance of the variety of electives New Holstein has to offer.

“It is important for us to show off our classes and the things that we can do.  We use this as an opportunity to recruit students to our programs, because we are always fighting to have large enough numbers to offer our classes,” said Michelle Heeg, Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor.

“It is also a showcase to show the school and the public all the neat things that our school district creates throughout the year,” Added Susan A. Roepke, High School Art Teacher and Auditorium Stage Director. The events will be a showcase of students’ work in the commons area, and the auditorium will be used to give out awards to the honors art students.

“For me, it’s nice to see the kids’ work. It’s also nice for parents to see what their children do in class” Said Julie Shoenborn, Consumer Education teacher. The departments meet once a month to discuss new ideas and what they expect out of each program.

“From my department you might see a petting zoo and hopefully some plants from the greenhouse. It’s more depending on what I come up with,” explains Michelle Heeg, Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor.

Jane Hansmann, Family and Consumer education teacher, says that if the Consumer Ed. Department is involved, their students will be catering the event. Other departments have not stated their intentions or plans for the event.

“The event only included Sue Roepke’s department in the past, and I have attend the event for years and it has always been successful,” stated Julie...
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