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Topics: Rock music, Adolescence, Fashion Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: November 3, 2008
In olden times and culture, there were “doors” for everything. Always a thin but solid line to distinguish between good and bad. ‘Shyness’ was considered an ornament for every girl, whether she is a daughter, sister or a wife. But the pop culture has busted out all the “doors” and made the world a “Showcase”. The present youth is highly exposed and influenced by pop culture. We like it or not but pop culture is effecting the teens of today.

Time is changing and with that changing time, time have come for parents, especially for mothers, have to double or multiply even more, the care and look after the raising of daughters, being their best friend. At the threshold of her adolescence the daughter requires the most intense care and love from her mother. A mother is the one who is the only person in the entire world who cares and loves her child the most. She cannot bear any pain given to her child as her child is a part of her own self.

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But in today’s world it is a challenge for a mother to raise her daughter in a gracious way, giving her every positive characteristic, along with being her best friend. As today’s teens are very much exposed to pop culture and influenced by their emphasis on sex. In the essay author Nisey Williams expresses her fear to become a mother, not because of the pain that she has to go through for giving birth to a child but because she is afraid that she might have a daughter. She feels so because she knows that it is impossible for her to protect her daughter from the influence of pop culture, fifteen years later when she would be at her puberty (Para-1, Pg-276).

I agree with Nisey Williams as I too believe that pop culture has a very bad influence on Teens. The teens are so much influenced by their rock stars that they tend to copy every style of their favorite singer. The teens copy everything from their hair to shoes, their clothes and makeup, their way of...
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