Pop Culture

Topics: LGBT, Transgender, Gender role Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: April 19, 2013
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Pop Culture


Within the teen genre, however gay or queer adolescent characters have traditionally functioned almost exclusively within the coming out. Glee poses an alternative to the more conventional representations of queerness on teen television, particularly in the context of coming out. Employing an ensemble of queer adolescent characters rather than a solitary queer figure, Glee offers multiple variations to the coming out narrative. Glee represents a significant departure from the norms of both the teen genre and the coming out narrative. Glee is targeted toward young teens that may be afraid of coming out, or don’t know who they will be accepted if they do. Many times teenage see things on television based on certain characters and they are able to relate to those characters based on things they may be going through. Glee focuses on a group of misfit Midwestern High School students who are member of the New Directions Glee Club. Each character in Glee enters the narrative as fairly specific stereotype. Over the course of the series, these stereotypes are broken down as each of the characters recognizes familiarity in one another. Many of the kids in Glee are separated. Kids fall into certain slots. Jocks and popular kids are in penthouse, and what they call invisible kids are playing in live action druids and trolls out in the forest which is considered the bottom floor. And those that are in Glee Club are located in the sub-basement, but the kids in the Glee Club become kind of refuge where the invisibles and minority characters are rendered visible and are allowed to articulate them-selves. The gender ideology in Glee refers to the attitudes regarding the appropriate roles, rights, and responsibilities of women and men in society. Glee concept was to show how gay men and women should be accepted in society and that challenge the gender norms on the show of what is...
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