Pop Culture's Influence on Dating

Topics: Love, Romance, Romance novel Pages: 4 (1660 words) Published: February 26, 2013
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October 8, 2012
Pop Culture Passion
What's the best part about dating? The rush of getting to know a new person? The hope that it will lead to something more lasting? For some people it's the dream to find their true love and have them sweep them off their feet. For others it's finding a person who doesn't mind a more casual relationship. Most of the time, they return home only to think about what might have happened if their life went as well as the scripted ones they watch all of the time. They wish that they had a team of writers planning the next move in their romantic lives, and had award winning actors take on their role in life. These people have become victims of the modern age in dating. Be it movies, television, or books, pop culture has helped men and women set unrealistic expectations for dating and romance. We all know that the silver screen puts the rose-colored glasses over romance, but it is how they portray dating in many different genres that is really skewed. Horror movies are expected to end badly, and it is no exception for dating in this movie style. Typically the young couple are terrorized on a date by some knife-wielding maniac out for revenge. That can lead to many assumptions, depending on how the movie ended. If the couple was killed during the course of the film, then it can be concluded that the good die young. But if they both survive (and there isn't a sequel haunting them) then people may start to believe that true love is formed by going through a traumatic experience with someone. Often times in Horror films, the couple goes out to get some privacy, only to find themselves the killer's first victims. Not many people get the wrong idea about dating from Horror movies, granted, but what about the plucky love interest for everyone's favorite Superheros? Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Pepper Potts, Peggy Carter, Lois Lane, and Jane Foster to name a few. These women have made a name for themselves by being...
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