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Poor Spelling

By JonalynCabilen1 Jan 07, 2013 407 Words

A Research Paper
“Poor Spelling of IV- Guiho Students”

In partial fulfillment of the Course Requirements
In English IV

Presented to:
Mrs. R. Reonal
(Subject Teacher)

By: Group 1

1. Bonifacio, Naz
2. Danila, Nikkolai Elezandre
3. Estrada, Marvin Jay
4. Navarro, Jaymar
5. Regalario, Genzen
6. Albay, Sheila
7. Cabilen, Jonalyn
8. Dela Torre, Arlet
9. Lopez, Cherry
10. Sainz, Beaudylane Pearl


This term paper entitled “Poor Spelling of IV- Guiho Students”, in Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School Santa Cruz, Laguna, is hereby submitted to Mrs. R. Reonal, English Teacher and is given a grade of ________.

Mrs. R. Reonal English Teacher



The researchers would like to dedicate their work to their loving parents, to their loved ones who served as inspiration in doing this word And to Almighty God for his guidance and blessings.



Having studied English for 10 years, the students especially the High School Seniors should be able to spell good in English.
In this term paper, you will find out the “Poor Spelling” of students in Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School, Santa Cruz, Laguna. Students with poor spelling may have several issues that need to be addressed. Learn what causes poor spelling and how to improve spelling skills.


Statement of the problem, The Researchers would like to conduct a study on “Poor Spelling of IV- Guiho Students” in Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School, Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
Specifically, they attempted to answer the following questions: 1. What are the causes affecting “ Poor Spelling” of students? 2. How do they affect the skills of students in communication? 3. What are the solutions to overcome the problem?


A. Fill up the data below for your personal profile.

Year & Section:

B. Put a check in the appropriated box for your answers.


1. Do you love reading?
2. Are you reading books everyday?
3. Do you love English Subject?
4. Is English Subject interesting?
5. Are you playing scrabble?
6. Are you going to the library to read books?
7. Do you received a high grades in your English

8. Does your teacher help you to understand the lessons
in English?
9. Does your school provide several materials in
understanding English?
10. Do your teacher glad in teaching lessons to

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