Poor Planning & Its Effects

Topics: Management, Plan, Goal Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: January 15, 2013
1.Management is defined as the process of coordinating and integrating work and activities so that they are completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people. Broadly speaking management can also be defined as the activity in which managers are involved. While the job of no two managers is alike, researchers and management writers have developed some specific categorization schemes to describe the activity in which managers are involved. Traditionally a manager’s job has been classified according to the four functions of management. These are:- * Planning

* Organizing
* Leading
* Controlling
2.Planning is the management function that involves the process of defining goals , establishing strategies for achieving goals and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities. 3.Benjamin Franklin says, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. The importance of planning and that to timely planning cannot be over emphasized. Researchers and modern management theorists have been trying to establish a relationship between success and planning since long. While much has been said and written about the effects of good and sound planning one must also know the effects of poor planning. This article mainly focuses on the various aspects of poor planning. However, before dwelling upon the effects of poor planning it is important to understand the meaning of poor planning. Poor planning means when a manager fails to define goals or objectives, establish strategies for achievement of goals and is unable to develop plans to integrate and coordinate activities. Effects of Poor Planning:-

(a).Poor planning refers to the manager’s inability or failure to define goals or objectives. Success is measured in terms of the attainment of goals and objectives however if one is unaware of what he/she is striving for than success becomes immaterial. Columbus was able to discover America only because he had defined a goal....
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