Poor National Integration in Pakistan, Causes , Effects , Remedies.

Topics: Sindh, Pakistan, Military dictatorship Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Poor National Integration In Pakistan, Causes ,Effects ,Remedies.

There is a crisis of national integration in Pakistan since its birth. It is the victim of poor national integration. Lack of integration in Pakistan is fundamental problem and it has been subjected to comment by intellectuals in the country. This has been hitting the head lines of the newspaper. Due to lack of national integration in the country, Pakistan has been pushed to a vicious circle. It has made Pakistan a sorry state of affairs, and a pivot of terrorist's activities. That has deepened the state of instability and vulnerability to a total break down of state apparatus. This was not the case at first. This nation was the consequence of unity and integrity and its basis Islam. The Quid-i-Azam the father of nation gave the motto to All Indian Muslim League running on in the terms of faith, unity and discipline it has been rather unfortunate that after the death of Quid-i-Azam, the country was left desolate. The national integration was thrown out of the national dictionary. At this rate, income inequalities, social injustice, political clouts and other evils raised their heads. All of that made national integration fragile. Moreover the present condition of the country is not better as well as it should be. It can be considered as a slip floating on the waves and being tossed directionless. There is lack of consensus on vital national issues in Pakistan. Therefore, provinces hatred does not show the sign of diminution. Sindh, Khyber Pukhtoon Khawa and Balochistan accuse Punjab to be the exploiter for certain reasons, people at federating units have misgivings due to certain issues. Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa and Balouchistan do not show an iota of agreement to the construction of Kalabagh Dam. The provinces have dissension between them on NFC award. They have different view points to the division of resources from divisible bridge. There are also certain ifs and buts and hurdles which...
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