Poor Customer Service

Topics: Fortune 500, I Decided, Fortune Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: October 24, 2008
Hello my name is and I am writing in regards to the horrible experience my husband and I had at our last visit at Dairy Queen. We were coming back from Illinois and saw your sign off of the express way, and decided to stop as a treat for our 3 small children. We stopped at the store in Rensselaer, IN. My husband and I decided to split your Moolate'. My husband asked the cashier if she could go heavy on the coffee because he had a bit of a drive still ahead of him. The cashier was very nice and respectful. She said it was "no problem." We did appreciate her effort, but the drink was horrible. Neither my husband nor myself could even take a second sip. We decided to go back through the drive thru, I explained to Mandy B. (who claimed to be manager at the time) that we would like a refund because the product was not something that either of us thought was consumable. She told us "NO" she stated that we "got what we asked for." Her voice tone was very snappy, and she kept cutting us off before we could fully explain why we wanted a refund. In an attempt to not hold up the drive thru, we went in. She was very UNPROFESSIONAL. She literally screamed at us and stated at the top of her lungs "if you go to a restaurant and do not like your order you cannot just return it because you don’t like it!!" I nicely replied, "Yes you can, being a picky eater, I've done it several times." At this point she waves her hand in my husband's face and yelled "Whatever." At this time I was outraged, but I kept my composure because the stored contained many children. My husband finally asked her for her boss’s name. At this time she stormed to the register, got our money and she got a piece of receipt paper out. She wrote down these names "Teresa, Regina, Cole” she also wrote down the phone #. She slammed the money and the paper down on the counter, while giving us a deep sigh and rolling her eyes. My husband assured her that we would be calling back and she, for the...
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