Topics: Typeface, Urban design, Public space Pages: 2 (305 words) Published: March 17, 2014
You should research information regarding the use of surveillance in public spaces, particularly in urban areas of the United States and especially within Los Angeles County area.

There have been many published articles relating to the use of surveillance and its effects of the public. Research the information regarding Wikileaks and Edward Snowden.

In your understanding of space, what are the works of these artists providing you with a new view of your relation to personal and public space?

Take into consideration the instructor’s lectures regarding contemporary urban culture, space, surveillance, the economy, and social/political/environmental concerns.

Take into consideration the online readings and videos presented here as well as those that have been presented to you during the entire semester.

Be certain to utilize many of your new vocabulary words when writing the essay.

Take into consideration the need to think deeply when providing an intellectually effective response in the form of your essay.

A space may be defined as a physical, social, cultural, and/or personal space that affects your right to privacy, as well as the space in which you learn and express yourself, or where you work and where you go to reflect and think.

Surveillance is the act of spying on subjects that are either aware or unaware that their activities are being monitored. Government authorities, corporate representatives, or others are most often involved in collecting such data.

The essay must be typed using either Helvetica or Times New Roman fonts, point size 10, double-spaced. Do not include any graphics, drawings, photographs, charts, or sketches. Use only white paper. Use only black ink. Prior to submitting the essay, be certain to place staple on upper left corner (the title page must appear on top of the five-page essay).

Utilize your required book for proper MLA formatting of this essay:
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