Pond Lab

Topics: Eukaryote, Bacteria, DNA Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: December 13, 2006
Title- Protista Lab

Concept- the concept of this lab was to explore what is in the pond water as living organisms and try to identify what it is. Some types of Protista are multi-cellular like giant kelp. Although they look much like plants, multi-cellular protists lack specialized tissues. Being eukaryotes, they have a membrane-bound true nucleus with linear chromosomes, and they have membrane-bound organelles. The kingdom Protista contains all eukaryotes that are not plants, animals, or fungi. The sexual cycles of many Protista are unknown, but most are thought to have some process of genetic recombination. Unicellular Protista can feed on other organisms in the manner of an animal, but it also has chloroplast and can perform photosynthesis if light is avaible.

Objective- the objective of the lab was for us to find under the microscope what is in the pond water and what kind of organisms are in it. We want to learn how Protists live in their environment and teach us how they eat and survive.

1)sample of pond water
2)eye dropper
4)electric outlet
5)glass slides
6)glass beaker

Procedure- The procedure for this lab was to fill up a beaker with pond water and algae. Then you must take a small piece of algae with the eyedropper and put it on the slide. You were to study the algae through a microscope and find organisms living in it. Then you record your findings on your paper and draw the organism you saw.


Conclusion- during the lab we did many observations like looking at the algae under the microscope, and find information about the organisms that live in the algae and their functions. I learned from this lab that protists are multi-cellular organisms. There are many types of organisms that live in algae. They are not plants but very much like them. I learned that all eukaryotes are protists. There are more than 50,000 species. They have a membrane- bound nucleus and with...
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