Pompeii Historical Paper

Topics: Mount Vesuvius, Volcano, Herculaneum Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Over the summer, I read the book Pompeii written by Robert Harris. This book is about the cities around Mt. Vesuvius during the eruption. The book starts out in Pompeii during the eruption, but everyone assumes it’s just the weather heating up as summer ends. However, one man is curious to find out what is happening and after a few days of research, he finds out that the volcano and its ashes will destroy the Bay of Naples, Pompeii, and other cities surrounding Mt. Vesuvius. He and Pliny the Elder try to lead people to safety but the book ends with Pliny dying trying to send people away on war ships and no one finding the other man. However, I was curious about this and decided to write three things that could help me understand this historical event better. These three things are the impact of Mt. Vesuvius on Pompeii, Pliny the Elder, and other major disasters in ancient societies, like Pompeii.

Did you ever wonder how the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius impacted on Pompeii? In real life, did people really expect Mt. Vesuvius to erupt? How were people planning to escape cities surrounding the volcano? How did the rest of Italy and other countries react to this? These are three questions that come to mind when one thinks about the impact Pompeii took when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. In the book, people escaped on war ships which Pliny the Elder organized but in real life, as Pliny the Younger wrote, many people were unprepared, including Pliny the Elder. In fact, Pliny the Elder was eating lunch and taking a bath when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. However, historians do not blame the people for being unprepared as they did not have the technology, so they would not know when exactly the volcano was going to erupt, hence they couldn’t have escaped in time. However, there were many earthquakes that occurred prior to Vesuvius erupting but many people thought it was just a coincidence and casual. Earthquakes are major signs that a volcano is heating up and about to explode. During...
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