Pomo Indian Tribe

Topics: Pomo people, Lake County, California, Sonoma County, California Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: November 20, 2008
"Those who live at red earth hole"
The Pomo Indians

For this research project on Native American people I chose a tribe called The Pomo. I chose this tribe for various reasons. First off I wanted to always know more about Indians and there ways of living and various cultures. Another reason I chose the Pomo was they are from Northern California, and well I lived in Sacramento before I moved down to Florida, so I wanted to learn about the Indians that live in California around where I used to live. One last reason I chose the Pomo Indian Tribe was I liked there name and really wanted to see how they lived on their own, what they believe in, and some myths about origin of man and the universe. The purpose in the Pomo’s myths is creation on mankind and the universe. Just like people of today they have their own stories and Mythology about the origin of man. Now let’s get into the real story of the Pomoan People on Northern California.

The Pomoan history started on the Northern Coast of California. They occupied the counties that we know today as, Mendocino County, Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Lake County, Colusa County. You many wonder where the name Pomo came from and what it means. It was a combination of the words pʰoːmoː and pʰoʔmaʔ. It means “Those who live at red earth hole” which refers to local deposits of the red mineral magnesite that was used for red beads or to the reddish earth and clayand was the name of a village located Southern Pottery Valley. They speak a language called Kulanapan which only a few people can still translate today.

The population of the tribe throughout the years changed in swings. (1770) 8,000 (1851) 3,500-5,000 (1910) 777-1,200 (1990-Now) 4,900. Unlike many other Indians tribes the Pomoan People did not live in big groups, but in smaller groups called “Bands” Scattered threw Northern California. Pomo Indians ate acorns, fish, elk, water fowl, roots, berries, and small Baker 2

game. They used spears to catch fish...
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