Polygamy: Marriage and Trust Issues

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Family Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: October 31, 2011
In the article “In Defense of Polygamy”, Aisha Lemu argues that a man should be able to marry multiple women after war times because many women will have no hopes in getting married since the difference in the amount of men to women in the nation will be greatly increased. She also says that most women are more comfortable with sharing their spouse than to have none at all. She states that it is acceptable when the wife is very ill and the husband needs more support from another woman. Polygamy is degrading to women, has a very negative effect on children, and can cause financial problems.

Polygamy is wrong in so many ways. Thinking about it, it is considered cheating no matter the reason. If someone loves another person over their spouse, they should file for a divorce with the one they are with currently and marry the one they truly love. Marriage is about being faithful to their significant other under any circumstances. If someone feels the need to break those promises made at the alter, then they should not be in that relationship anyways. When someone is caught in the act of polygamy, trust issues form. Not only will the spouse not trust their partner, but it could also cause trust issues in future relationships as well. Some people could isolate themselves from the rest of the world because they feel neglected. Losing the trust of the one person they feel they could trust the most in life will definitely make life much more difficult. Women are usually much more emotionally unstable than men. Once they find a man cheating, they become very insecure of themselves. Polygamy is very degrading to women because, while in the act, men are putting women down and making them look like lesser of a person by not respecting them as a woman.

Polygamy can make, not only the bride, but the children of the couple very stressed. If a mother is highly upset, she may not have any motivation to do work around the house, such as cooking and cleaning and...
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