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Is Polygamy Socially Acceptable?
The reality TV show Sister Wives follows the lives of a polygamist family of 22. The husband, Cody Brown, has 4 wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and the latest addition Robyn. The number of polygamists in North America, estimated at 50,000 or more, is doubling every decade. Polygamy by definition is a marriage that includes more than two partners. When a man is married to more than one woman at the same time it is called polygany and when a woman is married to more than one man at the same time it is called polyandry. Polygamy is not a new practice, in fact it has been going on for centuries. However, with recent growing publicity from shows like Sister Wives, more and more people are becoming aware of its’ existence. Polygamy to most people might seem foreign and strange but there can be benefits from having sister wives. Provided they get along, the sister wives have lifelong friends that they can trust and depend on. Women who grew up with no other siblings can, in a way, see what it’s like to have sisters. Another plus is they never have to worry about hiring a babysitter because many times there are at least two other woman in the family to take care of their children. If one wife doesn’t feel like cooking dinner one night, she has three other wives to get it done for her. One of the wives on the show, Meri, has one daughter but is no longer able to have children so having her sister wives and being able to be with their kids has helped her cope with the pain of not being able to have more children. This also can be good for the children because they grow up with lots of siblings to play with and they always have a friend to talk to. In the Brown family, there are 17 kids. Meri has one daughter named Mariah and she is 14 years old. The next wife, Janelle, has six children: Logan (15), Madison (14), Hunter (13), Garrison (11), Gabriel (8), and Savanah (5). The third wife, Christine, also has six children: Aspyn (14), Mykelti...
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