Topics: Marriage, Polygamy, United States Pages: 4 (1625 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Natasha Monaco
ENC 1101/CRN 30949
Professor McGowan
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Ashley wakes up to the silent house, just before the family awakes for the day. They have a busy schedule ahead. She smiles though, because she is thankful that she has two gorgeous children and three spouses. Ashley doesn’t have the typical lifestyle that most people see as appropriate but she does not mind, she knows that what she has is even better. She is legally married to Chad, but in her heart she is married to Gabby and Eli. They raise their two kids Rebecca and Zack together. She gave birth to both children but biologically one child is Chad’s and the other one is from Eli. It does not matter though they are a family. Ashley feels that one of the best things about living together is that they have each other to lean on there is always someone to help out when things get chaotic. It is pancake breakfast day by Chef Eli so Ashley make her way over to each of her loves, give them a morning kiss, hoping to have a little coffee time with them before the kids awake. Once they are up and breakfast is done then it’s off to ballet lessons for Rebecca, Zack has swimming lessons, and Gabby promised to clean out the office today. As always there are things to do but when everyone chips in it all gets done. Even though this family is happy, they are considered unconventional. They have chosen to live outside what society considers normal, because of this the government discriminates against them, denying all of the adults in this relationship the option of protecting their spouses and their lifestyle with the bond of a single marriage. Consenting adults, in their goal to create a happy, loving, and stable family, should be able to marry whoever they choose and however many people they wish. There should be no limits on how a family is defined. When someone decides to live a polyamorist life style, outsiders usually associate this with practicing polygamy, more explicitly Mormon...

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