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Topics: President of the United States, Democracy, President Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: February 27, 2014
As individuals the way in which the beliefs and values of our political orientation is acquired is an important part of how our government is. The viewing of this political socialization in the people of the U.S. electorate is particularly important. If the individuals that are involved have more of a tendency due to their political socialization towards their own preferences and ideals with little regard to public opinion or with the mind to pray off the knowledge that public opinion is vulnerable to media and public polling, then the Madisonian Model of government is being detracted from. Adversely, if the individuals comprised of this body's political socializations have them more aware of public opinion and of the downfalls and sometimes misrepresentations of the media and public polling, then the Madisonian Model of government is being added to and strengthened. As we remember from Mike's previous lectures, this form of government works off of the ideas of the separation of powers, checks and balances and presidents restricting themselves to the powers allotted them in the Constitution. In order for public polling to be considered accurate it is important that they follow certain standards. These standards usually include trying to poll information from all types of people in order to not get a misrepresentation of an opinion that may be held by only a certain group of people. It is also required that the sample size be high enough to also be accurate. If too small of a number of people are used then it is unfair to say that a larger amount of people feel the same way. The media as well has the standard of not only telling the truth but also of not omitting things. Even if what is said is honest, if things are omitted then the whole picture can not be seen and may be misleading. When these standards are being met than the public is able to use that information to make more informed decisions which enables the people to have more say in the government. This...
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