Pollution in India

Topics: Pollution, Automobile, Oxygen Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: June 12, 2012
The air we breathe, the water we drink, the security of creatures we drink, the security of creatures we share with, and fertility of land on which we grow our food are all deteriorating resulting in the increase of health hazards and lowering standard of health of the nation as a whole, In this seemingly desperate situation how to let our optimum survive is a burning question of the day. A study conducted by the World Bank in 1995 revealed that 40,000 Indians die prematurely due to polluted air in cities. Yet another study made by the Environment protection Agency shows that every nearly 40,000 children in India are affected by respiratory diseases caused by the growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Air pollutants are continually poisoning our bones and the most susceptible to pollution are children below five years and elderly persons above 50 years. In general, those who have hyper-responsiveness to the presence of pollutants are bit harder than others. Air pollutants increase the risk of lung disease in asthma patients. Women with previous lead exposures may have elevated blood level during period of high bone turnover as observed during pregnancy, location or hyperthyroidism. Their unborn fetuses may be exposed to this danger as also the new born though breast milk. Children have relatively narrower air passages which are more easily obstructed. They need more oxygen whereas they inhale larger volumes of polluted air. Children are three times more at risk & exposure to pollutants floating in the sky than adults. In Delhi every tenth school going kid is suffering from asthma caused by air pollution. Traffic police men, automobile mechanics, drivers, cyclists, rikshaw-walas, road side vendors and hawkers all inhale more pollutants than others due to the nature of their work. Vehicular discharged is the most important of pollutants which is wrecking the health of urban populace. Human body can tolerate up to 0.25 milligram of lead in blood. But a resident...
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