Topics: Decision making, Boss, Leadership Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: April 1, 2014

Qualities of a good boss

In order to have a good administration from different companies what people need is a really good boss. If the boss is the most important person in a job, the employers and customers are looking for someone who qualifies with certain aspects. A boss is a person who is trying to provide a good environment; however, a boss does not work alone but he/she is the head and example for the team. Moreover, there are several qualities to being a good boss. First of all, a boss should be a leader. In order to be a leader, a boss needs to think about the future of the company and it is something that requires having a vision and goal every day. For example, being a creative and dynamic person could help a lot because he/she is going to be ready for any inconvenience that could happen at any moment and will be able to handle and solve it. During work, a boss could get experience facing troubles because they are going to be an important part to learn more about it, do not make the same mistakes later, and have the capacity to make and manage complicated decisions having a positive character, but specially a boss with experience could be a person who knows and is convinced what he/she is doing. Second quality to be a good boss, he/she should be authentic. Being an authentic person is just about having the courage to be himself/herself and not be a copy or model of other people. For instance, If a boss is going to be an example for all other employees even other bosses, he/she should develop his/her own style work, new ideas and projects, statistics, his/her own comments and so on, just to mention a few of them. Therefore, avoiding telling of lies is a good way to be honest and always put his/her true personality on view, no matter the circumstances or situations that he/she has to face every day. Being an authentic person might impart positivism to improve his/her purposes because he/she enjoys a personal trustfulness, so every decisions he/she...
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