Topics: Sunflower, Fruit, Flower Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: April 28, 2015
D’Marius Luckett

“Heroes-Your Hardworking Pollinators”

It’s the little things in life that we take for granted that means so much, like the flowers that we give our girlfriend, or the sunflower seeds that we eat in a baseball game. All of these things are able to be giving to us by the pollinators. These beautiful pollinators make a lot of things able for all us to get the little necessities and wants in life. The birds, bees, butterflies, moths, bettles, and wind help all of us to keep the world fresh and beautiful.

Lets think about it, how would we be able to get all the fresh products and beautiful flowers for our own goods without the pollinators. There is no way we can do this, the pollinators play a very big role, but most of them are so small in size. These animals and flowers in a way has the weight of the world on there little backs, and leaves. Then one of the pollinators that many rarely know about is the Bats, yes I said it Bats, and they help with the production of fruits. Pollination keeps the world going around and round.

Let me tell you how much of an important role the many animals play pollination. The bees in this world allow us to have such beautiful flowers. Then our precious birds also help us to have a variety of different flowers. Both of these animals allow us to have our wonderful fruits and vegetables to keep us going in the world. Remember when your eating fresh food, think about the animals.

Now flowers play a very important role in our population. They celebrate many occasions, without flowers how would be able to express of emotions and feelings. Emotions and feelings can make your cry and smile. Without flowers our oxygen would not be as fresh, but on the other hand it can bother our allergies. Most of all though our flowers are precious and we really need them.

Now that you know how much of an important role that pollinators play in our economy, we shall cherish them forever. These wonderful animals and...
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