Politics Matters

Topics: Daylight saving time, Effect, Law Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Hantz Renelus
Dr. Aikhionbare
30 January 2014
Unexpected Life with Politics
It is a common view that politics affect everyday life; the general idea is that “well it has nothing to do with me”. Which is a sentiment I also believed until I read that those who do participate in politics affect everyone even those who believe it has nothing to do with them. So it began to raise a question does politics manipulate everyday life? As I started to think of my everyday routine I came to the sudden realization that it does, from the little and tedious aspects of life to the bigger issues with the world. Before I even wake up I feel the effects of politics, time zones and daylight savings time is government regulated so the time I wake up is already determined by politics. Going to brush my teeth the toothpaste I used is effected by the various labels that must be included, the dangers, direction, and ingredients. Then there’s taking a shower well the water is controlled and synchronized with the government, so already just waking up brushing my teeth and showering cannot be done without the feeling the influential effects of politics. Another example is taxes, there is a tax on almost everything on this earth, and before a paycheck is earned a payment on tax is deducted from it. To buy gum from the market or any item one must pay tax on it, whether the rich the poor or the middle class receives a tax break is all determined through the power of politics. Also there is the television programs that are watched there is the FCC which stands for the Federal Communications Commission which period of influence is to regulate television and radio. Politics is everywhere in every little thing. For example the road that are driven on and the speed limit all are determined and controlled by the government. The laws set up for the road so someone doesn’t text will driving or is intoxicated while driving are all laws voted on by people who believe that politics...
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