Politics and Sports: A Tribute to Those Who Never Gave Up

Topics: Illinois, Barack Obama, John McCain Pages: 5 (1867 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Jaineel Patel
Mr. Spacek
ENG 3UI- 05
30 May 2013
A Tribute to Those Who Never Gave Up
People, at one point in their life, lives in the illusion that when they risk it all for the one thing they have a passion for (sport, music, art, etc.), they always succeed in their goal. Life is like the force of gravity, one can only jump so high before they realize they need to step up their game and use a plane to fly. A passion never comes easy; it has competition for success in every aspect of it. A musician must be better than their competition to be noticed by the big time industry, an athlete must be the best player in his league before he can step up to college or professional and an artist must be different and better than the other millions of people who share the same passion. Some start to believe it will be easy because they have a passion but seem to forget millions other share the same goal as them. At their first sight of defeat, most break down mentally and start to make flaws, but very mature and very few, are able to bounce back up above the odds and the competition trying to discourage them and succeed because they had not only the skill but also the strength to face defeat and improve. In the biographical novel, Opening Day by Jonathan Eig, Jackie Robinson becomes the first black major league baseball player. In his first year, he won the Rookie of the Year award for his whopping .297 hitting average. Robinson did not prosper from a mere dabbler in the sport to major league just because he was the best player, but because he was able to look all the people trying to bring him down because of his skin colour in the eye and prove their opinions about him false. Robinson was also a very courageous person outside of baseball. When in the army, he was told to go to the back of the bus, but refused as he knew this was wrong and had the courage stand up for himself against the white supremacy. Many other people in history have passed by like Robinson who were the best in their field, had the courage to look defeat in the eye, and also go against the force of racism and/or other types of discrimination. People such as, President Barack Obama, the first black president, Charles “Chuck” Cooper, first black basketball player in the NBA, and Willie O’Ree, considered the “Jackie Robinson of Hockey” as he had broke the colour barrier in hockey as Robinson did in baseball. (run on sentence, listing things)

Firstly, President Barack Obama was the first black president in history. In the 2008 Elections, he defeated Republican nominee John McCain and also defeated the former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney to return to office for another term. Barack Obama was a student of Juris Doctor in Harvard Law School and finished his Alma matter from Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School. He taught at University of Chicago Law School for twelve years and was a lecturer from 1992 to 1996. In 1998, he got elected for Senate of Illinois and started his political career from there. In 2008, Obama ran for election against Republican member John McCain. He had tough competition, as McCain was a professional and popular leader amongst many Americans. Also, there was much propaganda spread about him such as posters saying he is a snob, depicting him as a person who resembles Osama Bin Laden saying “So America, do you want change?” This shows that Obama had to work very hard to get the position of the President, because he had to win the public over and disprove all the propaganda against him in order to have a fair election. In 2012, against Mitt Romney, Obama had to face criticism over him not being a real American(what does this mean?) and not being able to be president. He over came this with hard work and being the leader America wants and the leader America deserves. In conclusion, President Obama’s story shows people the story of a man beat down by competition but brought up by himself. In conclusion,...
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