Politics and Religion, Swim or Drown

Topics: Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, Shirley Phelps-Roper Pages: 6 (2513 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Politics by Baptism, Swim or Drown

Sara Harris

ENG 122

Ashford University
Instructor Holly Ledcke
July, 22, 2013

Even though Religion may influence government officials to do the right thing if talked to by religious leaders, the position on this issue is that there should be no religious leaders involved with politics. There is no place for religion in the corruption that evolves around politics. It can cause one to turn against religion. It causes confusion in peoples minds, and It causes lost hope in people when they see that religion is more concerned about politics. Westboro Baptist Church is a religion that is mixed with hate and violence. This mixed with politics is sure to cause one to turn away from God.

First, the position on this issue is that there should be no religious leaders involved with politics. There is no place for religion in the crookedness that evolves around politics. It can lead to people turning against religion, and this is what will likely turn everyone against one another and lead to killings that are unnecessary. The Westboro Baptist Church is heading in this direction. In Nashville, Tennessee, Westboro baptist Church rallied around the airport waiting for the plane to land that had a fallen soldier from Clarksville, Tennessee on it. They were holding signs saying “God killed your son”, and “God hates soldiers”. This caused many as we call them, “Rednecks” to circle the group that was protesting. If they had stepped over that proverbial line bad things would have happened. These WBC people did not realize they were messing with a certain type of people that did not care to shoot and ask questions later.

Supporting Evidence In a recent article from the CNN belief blog editor, (Marrapodi, E 2013). ( The White House vs. Westboro Baptist Church). States that while the government cannot take away a groups constitutional rights, it can impose a law such as the one that was imposed in 2012 stating that no funeral can be protested two hours before, or two hour after the event. This article proves that religion and politics do not mix. You have a sort of hypocrisy that makes people angry that it was even allowed to be in the hands of the government in the first place.

Religion and Politics have indeed been around since the beginning of time, but it has never mixed well, kind of like oil and water. It has been proven that the mixture of Politics and God can corrupt people, cause hatred, killings and mass hysteria (Jim Jones Cult). The Westboro Baptist Church has indeed caused most of these things to happen. We can see this if we look at their website, (www.godhatesfags.com). This statement alone produces all types of groups to come out of the wood work. This sparks not only racism, but discrimination laws and causes groups of this type to rage a new war on politics and religion, without even realizing what they are doing is just as bad as the WBC.

While it is true that in America we all are protected by the constitution just as is Westboro Baptist Church, in all fairness one should look at the big picture. No one should be able to tell Westboro Baptist Church what they can believe or what they can say. In reality if that is the case, does this mean that as American citizens one should have the right to defend their loved ones from being mocked? This seems like an easy issue to resolve, but really there is a lot of red tape involved because the government is involved. This is the reason it is such a big problem, government should have no handle on anything having to do with religion. But, they should have a handle on redefining the constitution to enable people, or groups to do such terrible things to the loved ones that have a fallen family member.

More than ever it is a must of our nation to recognize that the things that are going on with religion and politics that the question to ask is this; Would God partake in any of the...

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