Politicians and Scientists

Topics: Thomas Edison, Incandescent light bulb, Telephone Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: October 14, 2014
 There is a general discussion today on the issue of who have more considerable influence on the world, politicians or scientists. Some people believe that politicians contribute more to society, while others take the view that scientists make our life more convenient and comfortable. Both sides are well-grounded and deserve serious consideration.

Politicians execute policies and set laws to ensure that society receive just means of operation. They protect human rights on the issue of employment, education, medical, and crime. For example, Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister in British, made a deep and wide change in the UK’s economic, society, and cultural. She privatized most of state-owned enterprises, and made the labor market more flexible. Finally, she led the British economy out of the lone-term “stagflation” situation.

On the other hand, scientists have played the most significant role in the advancement of technology. Their inventions and discoveries have made our life more comfortable and convenient. Take Thomas Alva Edison for example, he invented the light bulb and lit up the dark night. If these electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, air conditionings are not be invented, we won’t have such comfortable life, and the worldview may not as modern as today.

In my opinion, both politicians and scientists have great influence on our society; however, I believe that without scientists, men would have still been stuck in the past. It is undeniable that scientists make the comfort life for people, and it is easier to go everywhere or do many things. For me, I’m not worry about my poor mathematical ability because there is a great invention, which is calculating machine. As a result, I strongly believe that scientist have the greatest influence on our present world.
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