Political Socialization

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My Political Socialization
In today's society politics reign supreme. Everybody has ideas about politics and every one of those ideas was somehow shaped by the people you surround yourself with as well as the activities you take part in during the day. Some of the hottest topics of government include abortion, gay rights, and gun control. I find it really hard to pinpoint where exactly my beliefs came from, I mainly just had to choose when I was in my high school government class because he said that there is no possible way I didn't have an idea about any of the issues. When I look at some of the topics I can give you my feelings on the issue as well as where I may have possibly came to either supporting or denying them but for the most part the main reason I have come to believe the way I do about any topic is because of my parents.

One of the topics that bring tension to most debate classrooms is the issue of abortion. I ride the fence on this issue. I believe that abortion is wrong, yet, if you have been raped or it was a case of incest, I believe that abortion should be allowed. The only two reasons I have to support this is one my parents and two my church. My church never came out and stated that abortion was wrong, it was never discussed in the sermons, but, it was brought up in my youth group. They first asked us all for our opinions, and being the shy person I never did. I sat back and let everyone else state how bad it was and how it was a sin and if you did it you would go to hell. I really never believed that you would go to hell for something like that. But I did start to wonder why anyone would ever want to do such a thing like that (abortion).

Another topic that in most debates is highly debated is gay rights. My opinion on this issue is if they want to be with another man or another woman let them do it. It is the right of a person to choose who they want to be with in their life. I only ask that whatever they do that...
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