Political Socialization

Topics: Sociology, Education, Religion Pages: 3 (1273 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Political Socialization
The way humans act and the way humans are have to do with different aspects of their life which they were brought up to. The same has to do with political socialization. Political socialization is a process in which an individual forms the ideas about politics and attains political values. These values and attitudes are mostly acquired and developed in childhood, but the process is lifelong. (Shively) Throughout life, individuals attain these political morals and ideas through the way they were brought up such as influences through family, peers, education, religion, media, where you come from, and sometimes even unions. Family, in my opinion, is a big factor that influences an individual’s political views, but there are cases in which an individual can disagree with everything their family has to say politically. Why, is the question? One main idea that can cause differences in ones political views in comparison with one’s family is how close they are with their family. Relationships with families has a lot to do with political views and morals because most times they are the people who raise one and help one develop as a person. If one has a strained relationship with their family or is not emotionally close with them, it is easier to become influenced by other agents of socialization. If an individual’s family is not there to put these values in one’s mindset then they must acquire political ideas from another source, just like developing character. For some people however, that is not the case. One can have a close relationship with families, but still disagree on political views. This can be also due to where you are from and where you are brought up. Personally I am extremely close to my family, but at times clash when it comes to politics. My dad is a firm believer in a patriarchal society and I strongly oppose. As an immigrant from Guatemala, living there his whole life he was raised in a patriarchal home and learned that...

Cited: Shively, W. Phillips, and W. Phillips Shively. "Chapter 8." Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2008. 198-99. Print.
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