Political Science and Oxford University Press

Topics: India, Political science, Political philosophy Pages: 96 (33024 words) Published: August 8, 2013

Semester I Semester-II Semester-III Semester-IV Semester-V Semester-VI

Examination Nov./Dec. 2011 Examination April/May 2012 Examination- Nov. /Dec. 2012 Examination April/May 2013 Examination Nov. /Dec. 2013 Examination April/May 2014

Revised Syllabus applicable for the students seeking admission to the BA (Hons.) Political Science course in Academic Year 2011-2014


Students are required to take 20 courses over a period of six semesters in addition they will take one language (qualifying), one language (Credit), one interdisciplinary and two disciplinary courses The distribution of courses is as follows: Semester I 1. Colonialism in India 2. Understanding Political Theory 3. Constitutional Democracy and Government in India 4. Language (Qualifying) [concurrent courses] Semester-II 5. Nationalism in India 6. Political Theory: Concepts and Debates 7. Political Processes in India 8. Language (Credit) [concurrent courses] Semester-III 9. Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics 10. Theories of Administration 11. Theories of International Relations and World History 12. Interdisciplinary [concurrent courses] 13. Political Institutions and Processes in Comparative Perspective 14. Public Policy and Administration in India 15. Global Politics 16. Discipline I [concurrent courses] 17. Indian Political Thought-I 18. Classical Political Philosophy 19. Development Process and Social Movements in Contemporary India 1. 2. One Optional from the following 3. 4. 5. Semester-VI 20. Indian Political Thought-II 21. Modern Political Philosophy 22. India’s Foreign Policy One Optional from the following 1. 2. 3. 4. Contemporary Political Economy Feminism and Indian Politics The United Nations and Global Conflicts State Institutions and Civil Society Organizations in India Understanding South-Asia The African Experience: Polity and Economy Feminism Theory and Practice Dilemmas in Politics Public Policy in India



23. Discipline II [concurrent courses] II: Scheme of Examinations Examinations shall be conducted at the end of each Semester as per the Academic Calendar notified by the University of Delhi. Within the broad framework these courses and the reading list can be updated.


III: The system of evaluation subject to the Examination Branch rules of Delhi University: 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 The number of lectures will be 5 per week per course and the number of tutorials will be 1 per week per group. Each course is calculated for 60 lectures but this figure may increase with the number of total classes actually available in each semester. Each course will carry 100 marks, of which 25 marks shall be reserved for internal assessment as determined by the faculty members teaching the respective papers. The remaining 75 marks in each paper shall be awarded on the basis of a written examination at the end of each semester. The duration of written examination for each paper shall be three hours. Examinations for courses shall be conducted only in the respective Odd and Even Semesters as per the Scheme of Examinations. Regular as well as ex-students shall be permitted to appear/reappear/improve in courses of Odd Semesters only at the end of Odd Semester and courses of Even Semesters only at the end of Even Semesters. Questions will be set on the entire course; however detailed guidelines will be provided later in a workshop with faculty and college teachers.


PASS PERCENTAGE Minimum marks for passing the examination in each semester shall be 40% in each paper. No student would be allowed to avail of more than 3 chances to pass any paper inclusive of the first attempt. Aggregate pass marks for Part I, Part II & Part III (combined) is 40%. PROMOTION CRITERIA No student will be detained in I or III or V semester on the basis of his/her performance in I or III semester examination: i.e. the...
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