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What is Sociology?
Sociology is defined as the scientific study of society and human behavior. Sociology is a part of social sciences. The study of sociology aims at analyzing the patterns of human behavior, deriving their causes and speculating the future of the behavioral patterns in society.

Importance of Sociology
The various disciplines of sociology include the study of social interaction between people. The areas covered by sociology include the analysis of social contacts between members of a society as also the interactions between different people around the world. Sociology attempts to study how and why people are organized as a society. It analyzes the structure of society and studies the factors that contribute to the creation of social groups.

Sociology includes the study of the behavioral patterns, interactions and relationships among the individuals of society. This field tries to examine the organizational structure of society and the influence it has on the social, political and religious ideas of the members. It encompasses the study of the organization of families and businesses. It attempts to analyze the creation and management of social groups as well as the factors, which lead to their breakdown. The disciplines of sociology are concerned with the effects of social behavior on the formation of social traits. It also includes the ethical and moral values of society.

Sociology is regarded as a branch of social sciences. It deals with the analysis of social behavior that shapes society and thus, is a field that covers a very broad knowledge base. Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/importance-of-sociology.html

The term "politics" normally conjure up illustrations of the heads of government, legislators and the government. Currently, an even more general undertone is the thought of corruption and sleazy dealings. The concept of politics originates from the Greek "polis", indicating both an element of government and similarly the state or community all in all. The notion was of a model state and was originally created in the texts of theorists like Plato and Aristotle. In his book "The Republic", Plato portrays the ideal state and the manners on how to attain it. As a result initially, politics was perceived as a manner wherein to generate the ideal social order. Regrettably, this is perceived as unachievable, so politics then offers means which may be employed in the anticipation of generating an enhanced society than the existing one. Politics as a result may possibly be characterized a way to determining this conflict by means of a variety of ways. To accomplish this, an agreement has to be agreed upon by either everyone or the bulk of parties implicated. This paper intends to look into the importance of politics in society. The discussion will be based on the conversations that three friends have engaged in regarding their views on the refugee situation in the country. For clarity and coherence of the discussion, the paper is going to be divided into several parts in order to clearly identify and analyse the subject under consideration. The Importance of Politics

The importance of politics encompasses a discussion of intricate proportions. Based on the introduction above, one could say that politics is indeed present when there is a collection of people that constitute a community. Politics is said to be a set of actions or occurrences that raises questions on the community or society as a whole. These questions are raised because there is the distinct possibility that the set of actions or occurrences will inevitably have a considerable effect in the general population at a particular time. There are certain actors that are specifically involved in the practice of politics. Normally, one would say that politicians are among the key actors in the practice of politics. This is accurate to some extent. These individuals formulate bills, propose policies...
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