Political Science

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Political science essay. The science of politics is a large, but very rewarding, area of study.

Political science is typically defined as the systematic study of political life. Political scientists study both the theories of politics and how they actually come to be applied. This is done by examining the human relationships of those involved in the various political processes as well as the fundamental ideals of freedom, equality, power, and justice. Political scientists serve as teachers and advisors, conduct research, and suggest changes in political policy. The area of political science is so large that it is generally divided into smaller fields to allow its students to specialize their knowledge.

Political Theory and Philosophy are studied within the context of history. Political scientists in this field examine the political thoughts of the past by reading the works of famous theorists and philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Locke, Kant, Marx, and many others. These works help political scientists to understand the forces that shaped modern theories of government and politics.

Comparative Government calls for the comparison of the political institutions and practices of two or more countries. By finding the similarities and differences between them, political scientists can evaluate the effectiveness of different ideas and the influence of circumstance on policy. The levels of government involvement and their benefits or drawbacks as seen by the people are of particular interest.

National Government and Politics are specific to the country being studied. Most political scientists pay particular attention to the government and politics of their own nation as it is generally the easiest to access and has the most effect on the scientist. The study of one's own government can provide a basis of comparison with other governments or a starting point for a program of political change.

Public Administration is the study of...
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