political quiz 3

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Quiz 3:
1. California's constitution is far more than 10 times longer than the US Constitution A. True
2. The Supreme Court’s decision in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) pleased those who favored a strong national government.
 A. True
3. Unlike state government, city councils combine the lawmaking and executive functions in one political body, in that they both pass and implement laws. A. True

4. The 10th Amendment states that
D. those powers not listed in the Constitution are reserved for the states.

5. Another word for a law passed by a city council is
D. ordinance

6. All city and county governments must provide advance notice of all meetings, hold meetings open to all visitors, and publicly disclose the proceedings of all meetings – all required by which state law? A. the Brown Act

7. The Alien Land Laws were
A. designed to prevent Asians from owning land.
8. Approximately how many people in California are foreign-born? C. one in four (25%)

9. As measured by gross domestic product (GDP), California’s economy: A. ranks among the ten largest countries in the world

10. Barbour and Wright suggest that
A. Conservative’s opposition to increased federal power depends on who is in control of the government

11. The Constitution specifically gives Congress authority to “regulate commerce with foreign nations.” If Congress adopts legislation prohibiting the importation of ivory or other products made from elephants, Congress would be exercising which of the following powers?
 A. Enumerated powers

B. Reserved powers

C. Implied powers

D. Concurrent powers

E. 10th Amendment powers

12. The doctrine of dual federalism represented a(n)
B. distinction between federal and state spheres of government authority.

13. Generally speaking, what is the largest category of city expenditures? A. public safety
B. transportation
C. public utilities
D. public employee retirement
E. education

14. Latinos are projected to reach over 50 percent of the population in California by D. 2050

15. “Municipality” refers to
B. cities or towns

16. One aspect of federalism in the United States is that state governments can C. act as "laboratories" for public policy experimentation.

17. Other than the state, which provides about a third of county revenues, the largest single source of county revenues is C. property taxes

18. In the post-war “boom” of the 1950s, what U.S. government program was created to help ease labor shortages? B. The Bracero Program
19. The powers of the central government of the US expanded after the Civil War because E. the Confederate South lost the 'argument' over states' rights.

20. A requirement that a state provide a service or undertake some activity to meet standards specified by a federal law is called a(n) B. federal mandate.

21. A special district is a(n)
B. governmental unit created to perform particular functions.

22. States are to the United States what _________ are to California. B. Counties

23. The supremacy clause in Article VI of the Constitution
D. makes the Constitution and federal laws superior to all conflicting state and local laws.

24. The Supreme Court has interpreted the ______ clause of the Constitution so broadly that there are very few restrictions on what Congress can do. A. necessary and proper

25. There are roughly ____ governmental units in the United States today. A. 88,000
26. An unincorporated area is land governed by a
A. county

27. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 represents a(n)
A. expansion of the right to vote to 18-year-olds.
B. state attempt to shape federal legislation.
C. federal attempt to control states.
D. governmental attempt to eliminate age discrimination.
E. attempt to get more young people to vote.

28. What did the U.S. government do to encourage the settlement of the West? B. It gave away millions of acres of land to railroad companies.

29. What political body governs a county?
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