Political Philosophy and Paine

Topics: Political philosophy, British Empire, American Revolution Pages: 4 (1565 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Jesus Chaveste
HIST 1301
Dr. Olivares
September 7, 2013
Thomas Paine Questions

1. Why do you think Thomas Paine writes Common Sense anonymously? How does he think his work will be remembered? Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense anonymously because the ideas he used in writing the book were contradicting the government at that time. If the government knew that he wrote it then they will take action against him to punish him. He probably thought that his work would remain as something memorable such as it was only there to raise the spirit of the colonist to fight back and to stand up against the government. 2. According to Paine, what is the difference between society and government? Paine states that society and government are completely different in purpose and also different in origin. Society is created innocently for the people's happiness although the government is poison but necessary product made by desires of people to support people's happiness by forcefully restraining desires of people themselves. 3. What is the meaning of 'liberty’ in Paine's thought? Equality? What is the relationship between the two? The meaning of liberty in Paine’s thought was the state of being free within society from cruel limits enforced by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views. He described equality as the state of being equal in positions, rights, and opportunities. The relationship between the two is that they work hand-in-hand because everyone should have equal rights. 4. According to Paine, why is there a need for regulations and government in general? According to Paine, it is a necessary evil for two reasons. The first reason is for security and freedom, things that everyone wants, are the true intention and end of government. The second reason is a moral asset which is the foundation of society, but it’s incapable of governing. In other words government is inevitable, because it is there to supply the defect of moral asset. 5. Why does Paine...
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