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AP U.S. History

In the election of 1796 there was evidence of clear distinction of a new formation of political parties in the United States. This new political division would have a lasting effect on the future of U.S. politics. What was the cause of this division? In the administration of Washington and Adam’s the nation was being divided by the positions being taken on issues of emerging political factions. The issues of foreign affairs, ratification of the constitution, and Hamilton’s Fiscal program dictated the formation of new political parties. In George Washington’s Farwell address he clearly stated the dangers of political factions as seen in document B. However he was unwillingly forced into a political faction by his position on foreign affairs. Washington had a strict belief that the United States should disinterest themselves from all foreign affairs. George Washington had a good view on political parties but he subconsciously joined the formation and position of these parties with his with his view on foreign affairs. In 1799 after the Alien and Sedition acts were shot down by the Jeffersonian’s France wished to settle it’s dispute with the United States. Again the nation was divided by those who were seeking peace and those seeking war. Adams convinced Congress of peace by threatening to resign leaving Jefferson in charge. From this you can see the major conflict and the division into political parties that was caused by the issue of the U.S. being involved in foreign affairs. In 1787 there was an issue of ratifying a new constitution. This new constitution was in favor of a “national” government which gave more power to the national government and less to the states, strong single person executive, establishment of the Supreme Court, and more economic power for Congress. The political parties that were made dud to this were the Federalist’s and the Anti-Federalist’s. The Federalists favored the constitution and it’s division of power....
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