Political Parties

Topics: Conservatism, Political party, Liberalism Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: January 25, 2015
Political Parties

I. What is a political party?
II. Functions of Political Parties in the U.S.
III. The Three Faces of a Party
IV. Why do we have Two Party system?
V. Major and Minor Party Ideologies
VI. The role of Minor Parties in the U.S Political Party
VII. Differences between Interest Groups and Political Parties

I. What is a Political Party?
Political Party-A group of political activists who organize to win elections, operate the government, and determine public policy. Functions of Political Parties in the United States
Recruiting candidates for public office
Organizing and running elections...(political parties do not write state laws) Presenting alternative policies to the electoral
Accepting responsibility for operating the government- cannot simply just quit their job Acting as the organized opposition to the party in power- acting as the “watch dog” to the opposite in power II. The Three Faces of a Party

Party-in-the-Electorate- Those members of the general public who identify with a political party or who express a preference for one party over another. Does not necessarily mean they have to show who they are for, but in their “heart” they have a preference. Party Organization- The formal structure and leadership of a political party, including election committees; local, state, and national executives; and paid professional staff Party-in-Government- all of the elected and appointed officials who identify with a political party. Example) President, Vice President, Congress; Federal Judges are not part of a party, goes for State Judges as well. III. Why do we have a Two-Party System?

Historical foundations (Federalists v. Antifederalists)
Self-Perpetuation of the two-party system
Political culture of the United States
The winner-take-all electoral system
Plurality- the most
Majority-more than 50%+1%
Proportional Represenation- example) depending of the percentage of the votes, is the percentage of what they will take in the...
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