Political Parties

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Kevin Schmidt
Political Parties in the United States of America
In the United States, there are many different political parties with many different ideals. Most people already know the; Republican Party, Democrat Party, and the Green party. The Republican and Democratic usually have the most impact on the United States, considering that our Presidents are usually one of them. Smaller political parties still carry a lot of influencing power, even though most people don’t notice it. A few examples of some political parties are the Peace and Freedom Party, Working Families Party, Reform Party, Mountain Party, and the Liberty Union Party.

The Peace and Freedom Party, also known as PFP, was founded on June 23, 1967. This party is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. They represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. There were many forces that brought the PFP on the California ballot in January 1968. The United states were at war with Vietnam, Black militants were being suppressed, and women wanted full equality with men. Since 1974 the Peace and Freedom Party platform has been feminist and socialist. They wanted a socialist economy, one where industries, financial institutions, and natural resources are owned by the people as a whole and democratically managed by the people who work in them and use them. As a feminist party, the Peace and Freedom Party actively supports the struggle to stop oppression and discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation. Sexual oppression, abuse, and violence in personal lives are intimately related to authoritarianism and hierarchical institutions, oppression and abuse on the job, and to the violence of war. The Peace and Freedom Party stay active in the community. The PFP has organized fights against redevelopment plans which would have pushed a low income out of communities. An interesting face about the PFP is that Nader is the first Caucasian male to...
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