Political Manifesto

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Political Manifesto
“Let the people rule” was the slogan of former United States President and first Democrat of the people of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Democracy was made for the people, but not many Americans know a lot about the political party they support and what it does to help them. First I’m going to discuss some of the issues like gun control, Health care and the environment and also a brief history of the Democratic Party. Next I will tell you about a few leaders that not only influenced my following of the Democratic Party, but also supported a lot of the same views and morals I follow every day. And finally I will discuss some of the social movements like, the Students for a Democratic Society, which affected Democratic students around the United States.

The Democratic Party was formed from Anti-Federalist factions that were against fiscal policies in the 1790s and was then founded in the modern era in 1828 and led by Andrew Jackson. The party has the lengthiest record of continuous operation in the United States and is among the oldest political parties in the world. (Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., Democratic Party) The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United states along with the Republican Party and current President of the United States Barack Obama is the 15th Democrat to hold the office of the Presidency.(“American Presidents: Life Portrait. C-SPAN. Ret-Jan 12, 2009)

There are a lot of issues in our society that Democrats are trying to take care of as well, such as the environment. Many Democrats believe that the government should protect the environment by favoring expansion of conservation lands and exploring new means of alternative energy sources. The Democratic Party also encourages open space and rail travel to relieve highway and airport congestion and improve air quality and economy. Another issue that is taking a toll on Democrats today is health care reform....
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