Political/Legal Factors Exxon Mobile

Topics: Petroleum, Global warming, Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, European Union / Pages: 8 (1822 words) / Published: Feb 24th, 2006
Political and legal factors
Christian Birke

Factors in the political and legal environments appear to represent an important influence on decisions made within companies. It seems as though changes in this environment can directly affect company performance. With ExxonMobil operating in nearly 200 countries worldwide (ExxonMobil, 2001) the list of possible political and legal aspects appears to be endless. Importance should be given only to implications that can gravely affect operations. Making this choice of differentiation between significant and insignificant influencing factors may well be the most important decision to be made by ExxonMobil. Therefore the main question that arises is: What political and legal factors from the external environment affect decision making within ExxonMobil.

The first paragraph will begin by analysing and explaining the implications possibly brought about by the Kyoto Protocol. This is followed by a summary of environmental legislative aspects probable of being influential to ExxonMobil's decision making process. The analysis continues by stating various geopolitical factors and how they can exert influence on operating decisions ending with a conclusion that summarises the main aspects of the chapter and answers the thesis statement. The Kyoto Protocol
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement, meant to counteract the effects of global warming and climate change, which could have serious implications for the energy industry. The treaty aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the countries that signed it (Cliff Pearson, 1999). The increase in greenhouse gas emissions is said to be responsible for global warming which has serious consequences for the environment (Environmental Protection Agency (website), 2000). The first international initiative to deal with the climate change problem was the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) signed in 1992. The goal of this non-legally

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