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Political Issues

By salt016 Nov 02, 2008 781 Words
Political issues plague our society from maintaining peace. Boundaries have been in place by means of social networks and cultural identities that come from the borders of countries. The most serious political problem the world faces is immigration due to the disregard of international boundaries and we should resolve it by creating serious border control bills in order to gain control of national borders.

Globalization is a new theme which has led to recent political problems among nations. Globalization would make national boundaries something of the past. The current confusion in the middle-east is partly due to confusion of nation states. President Bush made the decision to invade another nation state in order to defeat al-Qaeda. International treaties such as the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade and the North American Free Trade Agreement open the national boundaries to flows of capital, finance, manufactured goods, and services. The capability of global communication has made international agreements and trade much easier. However globalization would be hard to accomplish because it would be difficult to do justice for people whose languages and cultures are far different. International boundaries are broken through immigration which leads to problems occurring in host countries. The creation of boundaries between national and alien is the main practice of nationalism. Nationalism is necessary until the pride turns to anger and war. Therefore, Americans want control of the border because the American people feel the problem is both a national security and national identity threat.

An overwhelming number of immigrants have been coming in through Turkey, South Africa, Germany, Malaysia, and America. The United States and Mexico border region has become a major topic in terms of politics, economics, and continues to influence demographics. According to members of the federal government the build up along the U.S.-Mexico border is part of a long-overdue response to a boundary “out of control” and a crisis of lawlessness in the border region. This lawlessness can cause many problems such as what to do with illegal immigrants. The skill level of these immigrants is low although the wages they are paid are not as high as the average American citizen. Worldwide laws should be instated in order to maintain justice. International and domestic laws conflict each other causing dispute. Domestic laws interfere with the judgment of officials to make the right decisions. A set of rules dealing with how to control immigration along with what to do with immigrants after they have illegally crossed borders should be set in place. The United States has the majority of government agents responsible for the border area around Mexico however the problem continues to grow. The set of rules should be set up with each offense becoming more severe. In areas that are heavily populated with suspected illegal immigrants random searches will be performed to escort the immigrants back to their native country. Although this will infringe the rights of Mexican-Americans, the problem with illegal immigrants is continuing to grow at such a rate that problems will continue to have negative effects on both our economy and our culture. Once the border problem is secured the United States can therefore focus their attention to other issues. To maintain control the United States should help improve the economy of Mexico. Many illegal immigrants cross the U.S. border in order to achieve raise their own economic status. If the U.S. government could help spark an economic revolution in especially a country such as Mexico the problem with illegal immigrants would dramatically change. Citizens must also do their job to assist local officials with illegal citizens. Citizens should have the power to help their country with the out of control problem with illegal immigration. The problem has gone unattended for too long. It did not take long for between twelve and twenty million people to illegally come into the United States. Participation among U.S. citizens may take time, however if citizens are able to assist border control agencies America could achieve an improved national security.

Boundaries are not broken just between the United States and Mexico but between many other nations in the world. The movement of people from economically poor areas to economically rich areas leads to problems in the economically rich section because the government in turn must find what to do with the dramatic increase in population growth. The demographic changes lead to power issues affecting first local areas and later the national spectrum. Power issues occur when the minorities gain enough power to challenge authority. Governments and citizens must play a larger role in controlling the intrusion of illegal immigrants in order to ensure political stability.

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