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the comment from the teacher

This does not refer at any point in the paper to two ideologies we study in this course. You do a fine job of outlining your political issue but the body of the assignment is showing how two ideologies or two ideological perspectives would explain, evaluate, orient and prescribe this political issue and political actions to improve human progress by societal changes. That is the main part of the assignment. You need to summarize what you here to outline the issue. You might then select one ideology to represent the pro pot argument and another for the anti-pot argument. Your final assessment that marijuana still needs to be controlled could then be your support of that ideology in the final analysis at least as it pertains to this political issue. My essay please I need someone look it

Should "soft drugs" like Marijuana be legalized?
Marijuana is produced from the dried shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of a plant called Cannabis. The leafy green plant appears quite harmless when we observe it in its natural environment. But, at times this very plant becomes of crucial importance for a drug addict as well as for a medical specialist. On the one hand the marijuana produced is inhaled by the drug addict to gaining a sense of relaxation, and heightening the senses. But for medical specialists this drug can do wonders for the health of patients with psychological disorders, for relieving pain for cancer patients or for stimulating appetite in the sick (BBC, 2008). Marijuana contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) as the main active chemical. It is considered as one of the most commonly abused drug in US with people smoking it as a cigarette or a pipe (NIDA, 2009).

Arguments in favor of Legalizing Marijuana
If we can legalize Alcohol, then there’s no harm in legalizing marijuana: The fact that it is considered a soft drug tends to place this drug in the category of Alcohol. Therefore the general...
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