Political Ideology in the Media

Topics: Newspaper, Nuclear weapon, The New York Times Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 30, 2002
Throughout many generations and years gone bye the media and presentation of issues by news sources have influenced society's opinions on moral and governmental issues. Dating back to the writing of the constitution the general public was influenced by what was said in the media presentation. The framers of the American Constitution banned newspaper reporters from hearing any information regarding the constitutional meetings due to the fact that our founding fathers did not want to be influenced by the way the news was reported. In today's technological society this influential concept may be even more prevalent with the advancement of the internet and the easy accessible news. In order to be informed you no longer have to pay a bill to subscribe to your local newspaper, but you can simply click on a story on a website and read the same text that appears in local papers. Two sources which are both easily accessible and well respected are the New York Times and the Washington Times. Both newspapers report on both national and local news pertaining to all areas that deemed being covered. Upon evaluating the ideology, bias, reporting style, and ease of learning new information, I found these two well respected and well known newspapers to be vastly different.

Upon attempting to navigate around the two websites I found that locating stories and specific writings on the NY Times website was tougher than on the Washington Times website. The NY Times seemed to have many small headlines and appeared to be a bit cluttered, whereas the Washington Times had fewer and larger headlines which made making a selection easier. I believe that there is a small difference in the stories that the two papers report. The NY Times reports more stories that pertain to local news and more entertainment subjects than does the Washington Times. The Washington Times seems to report news that pertains to national issues and politics rather than entertainment and services around...
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