Political Environment Case

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Political Environment Case Study
This case study provides some good examples of how politics can affect improvement in areas that are much needed within society in general, but especially regarding the area of criminal justice. This is a very likely situation that could happen and shows some of the problems that are involved that slows down the process of improvement.

I believe in this particular case study there are extra factors involved such as the governor being a retired football player. This has given him the reputation that he needs but it does not give him insight or experience with the problems regarding the criminal justice field. If I were the warden at a prison and had just started to get policies in place and especially programs that work, I would have a big problem dealing with this confrontation. I would respond to the governor in a professional way and provide him the precise details of my policies and what I have changed in the prison system in our state. I would further provide him with the recidivism rates and show him how they have declined with the implementation of my programs. I certainly would not capitulate and I would not end one single program that I have started when they can provide proof that they are working. The biggest goal in the criminal justice system is to cut down on criminals. Even if this means setting them straight the first time they are in prison and helping them to make the necessary changes to prevent reoffending again after they are released, this seems like a success to me. If my policies and programs have improved the states correctional facilities that much, then it would be likely there would be many supporters who would help to support me with these improvements. I do not believe that an egotistical governor, with no criminal justice experience, is going to hold much weight or effectively be able to curb all of these changes without any backlash...
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