Political Climate of the 1950

Topics: Soviet Union, Social movement, Dwight D. Eisenhower Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: June 14, 2006
In the beginning of McCarthyism, Republican Joseph R. McCarthy had no intentions on being truthful when it came to politics. After my reading, I found that Mr. McCarthy took advantage of an opportunity at the cost of other communist dignity. The McCarthyism began in the 1950's when information was given to Mr. McCarthy by the FBI and the information was used against others. McCarthy was known for "the list", which caused fear in both Democratic and Republicans. Acts of McCarthyism was televised for the nation to witness. Shortly after his reckless ride, McCarthyism ended after he began an investigation on the Army. From my reading, Dynamic Conservatism was a basic action taken by Eisenhower. Eisenhower felt a need to control or conserve governmental finances also controlling people lives or way of living liberally. Eisenhower increased unemployment insurance, minimum wage and increased social security. He also supported big business with the government. Such as the St. Lawrence Seaway Act and the Highway Act. Eisenhower rejected other extensive liberal propositions such as; Farming, housing and healthcare. The support payments were decreased per Eisenhower's secretary of agriculture. The farmers were forced out of business by automatic harvesters. Eisenhower was good with saving money and cutting budgets. The term "Politics of Consensus" explains the values of the broad middle class. Politics of Consensus also gathered all the information from each side of the political parties to develop laws and regulations. Consensus also reflects the agreement among Americans regarding their political values. On a darker side, consensus also shed light on the Americans that showed depression in material possessions, places they lived and certain values. Everyone was not in agreement of the consensus act. Most believed that consensus caused to much unnecessary conformity. On the, other hand, the baby boomers were in agreement because they were already pre...
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