Political Aspects of International Business

Topics: Nationalism, Nation, Sovereign state Pages: 4 (362 words) Published: February 7, 2009

The developed world is living in an age of globalization, characterized by

• Economic liberalization

• Deregulation

• Privatization

All of these factors create a reduced role for the state, or so it seems at least on the surface.

But the state still plays a significant role in the lives of people and businesses.

“The State Is Dead . . . . Long Live the State”

State versus Nation
Characteristics of a State:

• Resident population (as opposed to nomadic)

• Governed by a recognized authority

• Recognized by other states

• Common money and economic policies

• Other symbolic fixtures such as flags, anthems, airlines Characteristics of a Nation:

A nation is a group of people with common cultural factors such as

• Language

• Religion

• Ethnic background

• Value system/philosophy

• Historical experiences


This is a case where the political boundaries co-incide with national boundaries. This makes for a strong, unified country. Japan is the best example of a nation-state.


In non-democratic states, this is an attempt to assimilate and unify people under the state’s political control by

• Education

• Common language

• Rigid political system

In democratic states, nation-building may take many different forms including (using Canada as an example)

• Building infrastructure to unite the country

• Education

• Creating a civil society

• Providing basic services – health and education – to all

• Charter of Rights for individual protection against abuse by others, including the state

• “law, order, and good government”

The purpose of nation-building is to reduce internal conflicts, in some cases internal diversity. In a multi-cultural country such as Canada, where there’s a tendency to celebrate our differences,...
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