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Topics: Political philosophy, Aristotle, Politics Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Journal: Political
This week’s reading is about “POLITCAL” that the second chapter of the book. In this chapter, there are three articles: “Censorship and Its Progeny”, “Performance, Community, Culture” and “The Politics of Art”. Although these three articles all focus on the topic about art politics, each article introduce different aspects about art politics. “Censorship and Its Progeny” is about a history of political art that happens in Middle Ages, the art event in Alaska and the Censorship. “Performance, Community, Culture” mainly discuss the art performance, community and culture in British. “The Politics of Art” introduce specific events about art business that happened in America. In article “Censorship and Its Progeny”, author tells me a lot of stories about political art. As we know, in Middle Ages, people are governed by feudal dynasty. And the religion is the most important tool that feudal dynasty uses to govern people. Everything that conflicts with the religion will be destroyed including art. The author gives some examples to support this point. In 1494Girolamo Savonarola is executed because he burned books in public place. In1565, similar even happens again. And even the political also happens to “The Last Supper” in 1573. So the art can be politically used for some purposes. Then the author talks about “THE ALASKA EXPERIMENT”. When America flag was displayed in the Visual Arts Center, the America was always stolen. Some people liked America flags and donated money to support this art work. However, some others is aggressive to this art work. There are different political ideas about art. So this event induced a bad result in Alaska. Last the author introduces the censorship. He argues that art is politically controlled. Art is often recognized if it serves the public. And Most of us would find irresistible if we were the only ones making the decision. In article “Performance, Community, Culture”, the author writes about the...
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