Political and Legal, Cultural and Social in Maldives

Topics: President of the United States, Republic, Maldives Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Cultural and Social

Maldives is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean that makes it the smallest country in the world population wise that attracts many tourists all year round. Maldives offers a wide variety of water activities such as surfboarding, diving and most importantly, snorkelling. The potential group of customers would be the younger aged tourists.

Before the business expands their business there, they must look at a few aspects. Firstly, the language that is used in Maldives. Common language used in Maldives is Dhivehi and English. So, it is not a problem for the business to expand their business, as the language barrier is not an issue. If the Maldivians do not understand English, the business will have to find a translator to translate the message is trying to convey to them. The business should be mindful not to use product names that are offensive because some words bring different meanings in different countries.

Next is the religion of Maldivians. Islam has embraced in Maldives since the year 1153. As of late, almost all the Maldivians are Muslim. The business have to take into consideration the ‘Halal and Haram’ in Islam. The business must bear with the Maldivians during Ramadan season because they cannot participate in water activities during that period of time. They must know that they will make loses during the period of time because the Maldivians will not play surfboarding during the period of time. Other than that, the business has to consider the social and norms of the people in Maldives. Large amount of people in Maldives are Muslim, therefore they have different social values and norms. The acceptance of the business’s products or service highly depends on the people in Maldives. If they do not purchase the products, the business will not make any profits therefore, the business faces a huge problem where they will have to close down their business.

Political and Legal

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