Political And Economic Reason Of Englis

Topics: Charles I of England, James I of England, Charles II of England Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: December 29, 2014
Jack Zhou
AP European History
Mr. Fisher
Political and economic problems that leads to the civil war
At the turn of the 17 century, England, like many other European countries started centralizing their government. The country become stable and powerful under Elizabeth’s polique rule. However, after her death, leaders such as James I and Charles I undo her improvements, as they create political and economic problem that eventually lead to the civil war. During and at the death of Elizabeth, England was unarguable at a Golden Age. It’s an English renaissance that is symbolized by renewed national pride, increased central power, religious peace and naval triumph over the hated Catholic Spanish armada. On comparison, The Stuart period seems much darker. The first Stuart on the throne, James I, had experience of ruling as the king of Scotland. However, this did not prepare him for England, as the lack of parliament make him used to doing whatever he wants, without the opinion and voices of the nobles. He often disagree with the parliaments, thus in a way slowing fracturing England into two side. He also came up with the new extended version of the “divine right of kings”, which greatly distressed the parliament for it promotes absolutism. In reaction to that, the parliament often acted to obstruct and stop the king instead of helping him and the central government. His religion also become a serious problem, as unlike Anglican and Catholic, who have no difference in worshiping and services, Puritans have huge difference between the Anglican. Puritan does not have any showy things, such as elaborate services and churches, and hymns. This isolates the Anglican Englishman, as James should be the leader of the church, not someone of other religious. Also the facts that James is English farther discredit him from the people. His successor, Charles the first, did much worse. He had many conflict with the parliament. Notable when...
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