Polish People in Uk

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Polish people in the United Kingdom
How do English people in United Kingdom perceive Poles? What are the stereotypes of Polish Workers? How the image is changing over the years? The subject is very controversial as Poland gives many reasons to not be forgotten at the European stage. Poland is famed for John Paul the 2nd, many beautiful women, Vodka and sausage. A general description is hard to obtain, as there are many points of views and issues. The historical background had a massive impact on cultural and economic development. Not so long ago Poland was a communist country, where human rights were highly oppressed. At this time Poland was a satellite state being hold back by the Communist Soviet Union while Western European development was progressing. Eventually Poland achieved full democracy in 1989, and continues without communist influence to this day. The new fundamentalism was doing very well. For years, the Catholic radio, ‘Radio Maria’ for example, gave voice to the hate priests and politicians that condemned everything that was foreign and is not inline with the narrow, xenophobic vision of parochial Polishness. Regularly young men throw stones at those who seem to them non-native. Taking out the rage on sexual minorities as there is no luck to find any immigrants. Galloping hate speech on the Internet is already pathological standard. In May 2004 Poland joined the European Union. United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden open labour market for Polish citizens and other new members of EU. The huge wave of Polish migrants entered the foreign markets. Base on GUS (Central Statistical Office) research in May 2002, 24,000 Polish Emigrants were living in United Kingdom. In 2008 the number was drastically multiply, by 27 times, the amount of Polish Immigrants in the UK reached the point of 650 thousands. It was the largest number of Polish migrants abroad in Europe. The social approach towards Eastern European Migrants was distinguished by those, who negatively responded to economic threats related with job losses, and those who were aware of their matter in the future development. Depending on where you stand, this phenomenal wave of immigration was either a death knell for British values and the tradition of the blue-collar British worker, or a powerful boost to the British economy while others in Europe stagnate. While industries in other EU countries have been limited in their attempts to expand by an unavailability of high quality, reasonably-priced labour, many UK industries have been able to fuel their expansion and advances with hard working Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians and Czechs. Demographic studies of those that have entered the UK reveal that over three quarters of immigrants fall into the 18-34 age bracket. The popular estimate is that the average age of the Polish immigrant is 28. Following natural migration trends, the large majority of these are single, with fewer responsibilities, resulting in an increased disposable income and a greater tendency to participate in the consumer culture that has been behind Britain’s economic growth over the past few years, at a time when most of Europe has been desperately trying to rein in escalating unemployment and avoid economic stagnation. While on other fronts increased immigration is a controversial topic, economically the British government can have little cause for complaint. Eastern Europeans have plugged holes in sectors short of labour, helping to keep inflation down, and in the relatively liberal open-market economy of the UK, the extra labour has been an easily absorbed asset. The minimal effect being had on unemployment as a result of immigration in the UK has disproved the theory that there are a finite number of jobs in the labour market and that the immigrant’s gain is the Brits’ loss. Though registered unemployment has crept up recently the government argues that this is not due to the economy failing to create jobs. Indeed, the...
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