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Polish Turkish Relations3
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Polish Turkish Relations

Diplomatic relations between Poland and Turkey dates back to 15th century. In 1414, diplomatic relations between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Poland were established. The two countries were neighbors from middle ages till the end of 18th century.

Poland is the first European country that recognizes young Turkish state after World War I. During the Second World War, the ambassador of Nazi Germany requested to capture the embassy of Poland. However, Turkey rejected this request and Franz von Papen had to see Polish flag until the end of Second World War.

Polish-Turkish relations were historically strong. The Ottoman Empire was the only major country in the world that did not recognize the Partitions of Poland. In the 19th century, many Polish veterans of the November Uprising, January Uprising and Crimean War arrived in Turkey. Many Polish officers like Michał Czajkowski served in the Ottoman Army. Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz spent the last months of his life in İstanbul and died there. The house where he lived was later transformed into the Adam Mickiewicz Museum.

There is also a Polish village in Turkey named Polonezköy (Adampol). It lies on the Anatolian side of İstanbul and was settled in 1842 by Polish veterans of the November Uprising. In the 19th and 20th centuries, more Polish settlers arrived. Today, there is still Polish minority in the village.

Daily Life

To be honest, I do not know so much about the culture of a Polish family. However, I can compare the life as far as I can see on the streets with the one in Turkey. When I first came to Krakow (by train from Lwow), the first thing that caught my attention is that it is so green. On the first day, I went out and wandered around the street so that I had an idea about how Cracow looks like. It was a sunny day, and I realized that there are lots of green spaces in the city center. Unfortunately, in Ankara (the capital of Turkey), there are few green areas. Especially during the autumn the scene was amazing.

Furthermore, in Cracow bicycle is used commonly and there are bicycle roads and traffic signs for bicycle as well. People can go anywhere via bicycle and this is amazing. Unfortunately, in Ankara, there are no bicycle roads. It is nearly impossible to go to city center via bicycle due to heavy traffic. It is not safe to ride bicycle in roads because drivers just ignore them.

Another thing that I liked in Cracow is that there are lots of historic buildings and monuments. Although the city was under attack during the Second World War, many historic buildings stand today. Polish people care about their past and preserve their history. On the contrary, few historical buildings are preserved and the rest of them are about to collapse in Ankara. Although there are efforts to renovate the old buildings, it is not enough.

As far as I can see up to now, in Cracow they focus on architecture. I mean, the city has its own architectural style. Especially near the city center, nearly all the buildings shares architectural similarities. However, buildings are just concrete jungle in Ankara. There is no aesthetics in the buildings. There are few green spaces and lots of high buildings lacking of architectural aesthetics.

In terms of night life, the two countries are similar. In big cities in Turkey, there is active night life. However, young people are more likely to go out at nights. After a certain hour, older people leave the streets to the young people. However, in Cracow I saw people with different ages during the night. It is enjoyable to walk around the streets in Cracow. In Ankara, I have never walked around the streets during the night.

Krakow has a good transportation system. So far, I have never experienced a problem related to...
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