Policy Process

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The Policy Process: Part I 2

In today’s society health care policies are very important. Health care policies are plans,

actions, and decisions that are taken to achieve health care goals within a society or organization.

Having health care policies can achieve health many things such as an outline for priorities and a

vision for the future. Health care policies focus of what our people need and not what they want.

Before these topics are considered policies, they go through three stages. The stages are

formulation, legislative, and implementation stage. Policies are decision intended to improve the

quality of life and solve problems. Making policies are never an easy task, no matter if it is a

business or health care policy. Policymakers go through different stages when making it into a

policy. Each stage is followed in order to make sure it is done correctly. When making a policy

the different stages are very important because it allows policymakers to properly define an

answer to the problem at hand. Any policymaker that does not go through the different stages

may be doomed for failure.

One of the stages in making a policy is the formulation stage. After identifying the

problem, than the new policy is developed or formulated. In the formulation stage there is

a meeting held between the interest groups, citizens, and government officials to discuss

potential obstacles and set clear goals. Sometimes this part of the process can be difficult

because compromise will be required before the policy is written. Once it is written and

developed, the proper people must agree to the policy. Weaker health care policies are more

likely to pass before a stronger one will not have enough support for approval. The next stage of

making a policy is the legislative stage. Legislative stage is when meetings are held and

decisions are made. During the legislative stage of policy making they gather support from the

policy that was created. At times this stage can become difficult because of the pork of barrels

The Policy Process: Part I 3

politics. Port of barrels politics is the process of where items are attached which truly do not

address the original issue.

A good example of a policy that was passed is Medicare. Medicare is a government

program that was developed in 1965 but did not reach every state until 1982. This was a

guaranteed health Insurance for Americans over ages 65 years old and people with disabilities as

well as people with end stage renal disease. This being a federal government program, Medicare

spreads the risk associated with illness across the society to protect all Americans. When

President Kennedy brought this policy to the Congress it was not voted but the President kept

pushing. As of today Medicare has provided health insurance to over 48 million Americans.

Medicare serves a very large population with that is old, low income, and people with a


The other example of a good policy that was passed is WIC or Women, Infants, and

Children. This is a federal government program that provides vouchers to low income pregnant

mothers, non-breastfeeding postpartum women, infants, and children up to five years old of age.

This government program policy was passed back in the 1974 to help mothers and children stay

healthy. The WIC vouchers allow the mothers to get foods that are designed to meet special

nutritional needs. The food groups include nutritional cereal, milk, beans, eggs, baby food, and

baby milk. This is one of the best government programs that were passed because it saves lives

and improves the health for mothers, infants, and...
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