Policy of Appeasement

Topics: World War I, World War II, Adolf Hitler, League of Nations, Treaty of Versailles, Nazi Germany / Pages: 6 (1271 words) / Published: Jan 10th, 2011
How far was Britain having no allies the reason why the British government adopted a policy of appeasement?
By the mid 1930’s the government was concerned about growing fascist power in Germany and Italy. Having no allies was very anti-war and that was one influence on the government when they adopted the policy of appeasement. It was also felt that the Paris Peace Settlement was too harsh and a policy of appeasement would allow for revision of the harsher parts of the treaty. Britain also had Economic concerns and a fear that if Nazism was defeated then communism would fill the gap. Britain also had no-one to turn to with their allies so appeasement was the only option. The League of Nations failed and Britain felt “rather fascism than communism.” The unwillingness of Britain through the slaughter of WW1, made them turn to a policy of appeasement. The only problem was people trusted Hitler and probably would not trust anyone else. And finally, Britain’s large empire would not stop another Great War if Hitler was going to announce it.
The arrival of fascist military dictatorships in the 1930’s took British military planners entirely by surprise. The heads of Britain’s armed forces had consistently warned Chamberlain that Britain was too weak to fight. At the same time, Hitler’s propaganda encouraged Britain and France to believe that Nazi forces were stronger than they really were. Nazi film of soldiers marching into the Rhineland hid the fact that the soldiers were raw conscripts barely able to march in straight lines. Nazi tanks shown at rallies were often cardboard outlines placed over ordinary cars. But at the time British politicians did not know that. The fighter planes and radar that saved Britain from defeat in 1940 were still at the development stage in the late 1930’s. Britain needed time to rearm.
When the Treaty of Versailles was made started, Hitler just about broke every single rule in the 1930’s. Most of the British public felt the Treaty of

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