Policy Formation; Development of National Gun Control Policy

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Policy Formation
Development of National Gun Control Policy
Catherine McManus
CJA 580
June 28, 2010
Charles Tucker

Policy Formation; Development of National Gun Control Policy
The President has reviewed Great Brittan’s gun control policies that sparked interest for reform in America. England’s gun control policies extremely limited firearm possession. England requires a firearm license provided there are references given to justify the need of the rifle. Individuals or groups are allowed firearms for recreational sports such as hunting or gun collectors. England’s crime rate is significantly lower than the United States and the President felt the necessity to change US policy to reduce crime.

According to the Policy Stream Model, to accomplish the President’s goals, he must first verbalize his gun control concerns and benefits of the newly formed policy to gain political and social supporters. Political supporters must come from Congress, state legislators, and City/Township Councils. The President must also obtain the support from citizens throughout the Nation. This alone will be a challenge because of the varied beliefs in the matter.

This paper will review, according to the Policy Stream Model, steps the President should consider when evaluating the proposed policy reform processes. The Facts
Gun Control in United Kingdom: Gun control regulated from Firearms Act of 1968 and the chief officer of police. Citizens are not permitted ownership of semi-automatic, automatic, amour, or piercing weaponry. To obtain a weapon in the United Kingdom, one must obtain a license. However, to get a license, one must prove with due cause the need for a weapon Reasons for firearms may include outdoor sports such as hunting or the personal hobby of collecting non-evading weapons. To tighten the rope on gun control, those individuals applying for a gun license must provide a third party reference verifying the intended use of the firearm. Carrying firearms in public is strictly prohibited. Owners of personal guns must store their firearms according to regulations set by United Kingdom law makers. Violation of this policy is punishable in the court of law (Gunpolicy.org, 2010). Problem Identification

The United States President returns from the United Kingdom admiring their intense gun control policies. Violence rates are significantly lower in the United Kingdom as opposed to the United States. The United States laws allow citizens to own firearms without regulation of their proper storage. Certain states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in public. To obtain a firearm license, an individual must be over 18 and have valid picture identification. Firearms require identification numbers labeled on the gun for proper monitoring of weapon. Secondary sale of firearm is not significantly monitored therefore there are more illegal firearms on the street. The Supreme Court recently decided that citizens are allowed to obtain firearms for the use of self-defense (Associated Press, 2010) Policy Development using the Policy Stream Model

The Policy Streams model suggested by John Kingdon (Marion & Oliver, 2006) suggests that there are policy windows and streams flowing within the formulation process of policies. Three basic streams exist in this model. They include the problem stream, political, and policy stream. According to this model, in order for a policy to become law, these three streams must equally meet to shed light on the importance of the issue.

Prior to the assessment of the model processes, the President must understand the drastic changes he wishes to impose on political figures and the public. The President must be able to justify the need for such drastic gun control changes and evaluate reasonable solutions to civil rights leaders who may think this policy is a violation of the Constitution. The President must understand the significant challenge involved with the...

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