Policy and Education

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Policy and Education
1997-2013 Early Years

"Discuss what major policy changes have occurred to improve education provision for Early Years in England during 1997-2013" Historically in England, Government involvement in early year’s provision and curriculum was very little. However Education and care needs provided in early years has been adjusted for better. There has been many different ideologies backdated from history about the roles of practitioners, families about the early years provision. Many ideas based on how to work with children have differed from one and other and it hasn't always been for the best interest of children's learning outcomes. Adults which are working with children aged 3 or 4 must use formal methods and straightforward teaching (Woodhead, 1999).There has been ongoing discussions regarding the continuously and the effectiveness and appropriateness of policy's set out by Government. This Essay is going to examine early childhood curriculum in England and examine the policy changes that have occurred in early childhood education between 1997 till 2013 to improve education provision.

In the Late 18th Century there was little support provided for children by people only on a humanitarian and philanthropic basis. In 1918 Robert Owen set up the first nursery in Scotland, He advocated "Free Play". The parents and older siblings would work in cotton mills whilst the younger children were looked after at the nursery. Margaret McMillan together with Rachel McMillan started an open-air nursery In Deptford, London for the hopeless children around 1911. She was distressed with the state of well-being of the children and focused on use of outdoor space to provide children with fresh air provide them with exercise and nourishment. This was inspired by her socialist ideology. Prior to 1997 there was no consistent national policy implemented which therefore led to divisions in between education and care. There was no childcare available and only Part time nursery education was provided, only provided in some areas. Due to the lack of attention and regulations in the curriculum there was very Limited training opportunities for people working with or caring for children. (Jackson 2004). In 1985 the Labour party produced a booklet outlining their plans for early childhood services but it was not until they won the general election in 1997 that they were able to put them into action. This was the start of a period of rapid change in the early year’s sector. When the Labour Government won the election they launched the National Childcare Strategy in 1998 . It was intended to increase the coordination of services available, funding assistance to both parents and providers, investing training to develop and support key workers and improvement of regulating services in early years. The Nursery Education Voucher scheme was eradicated by the state of Education after 1997 as the new early years policy was set out. The Local Education Authorities alongside early year’s services provided help for children and organised local forums which represent early year’s needs and interests and discussed development strategies. (Christine Skinner2006) In 2003 Every Child Matters was launched by the Government which was based on multiple agencies working together for the best outcome of the child and people close to the child. The Every Child Matters policy was highly fundamental in helping promote the well-being all children. All organisations such as the police enforcement, carers and local authorities intending to provide a service for children was obliged in making sure there clients were cared for. The agencies worked together to pass on information between each other in order to provide help children be successful. This enabled children voices to be heard while keeping them away from danger. Children were continuously encouraged to engage and take part in expressing their views on changes. In assessment of local areas...

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